Kirkland & Felt Referral Promotions
We have an ongoing promotions for our loyal investors. If you have an active deposit with us, you are qualified to participate in our promotions. If you refer new investors to our company, you will receive a double commission rate of 6% for the new investments that you bring in to our company. The additional 3% commissions will be added manually by our team every Friday of the week and will be added to your account balance.

This can then be withdrawn from your account at any time, as soon as they have been credited. Please be advised that creating multiple accounts is prohibited and might cause the blocking of your account. Thank you for understanding.

This promo will run until further notice.
Apr-3-2017 01:20:43 AM
Mining Operations Expansion
Good news to all of our green and environmentalist investors! Our team has just partnered with a private mining farm in Asia as part of our mining operations expansion. This is great news to everyone as we have just stabilized our operations in the mining department to a much bigger scale.

We can now accommodate more investors in the mining plan. Please inform your fellow investors about this great news if they haven't read about it yet. More good news to come. Have a pleasant day everyone.
Mar-28-2017 07:16:34 PM
Partnership with ABC Intercontinental Traders Group
We are happy to announce that over just a short period of time, we have secured a partnership with Mr. Gary Lawson and his team at ABC Intercontinental Traders Group. Mr. Lawson and his team have privately invested at Kirkland & Felt and has placed a team on our end to help us trade more efficiently. Thank you for your trust.

To our investors, please make sure that your accounts are secure by securing your e-mail addresses linked to your accounts with us. This is one of the best ways to ensure that your accounts are kept secured. We will always verify account changes through e-mail.
Feb-18-2017 07:13:09 AM
Launch of Kirkland & Felt
Kirkland and Felt is now open for business. We are glad to open our doors to everyone around the globe. Please have a look at our investment options for your reference. If you have further questions, please contact our support team for assistance.

Our partners are excited to participate and invest with us. Please watch out for our upcoming promos. Again, thank you to our supporters and investors for standing by our side during this transition of our services online.
Feb-16-2017 02:04:59 AM
Logged in then logged out issue
If you are experiencing being able to login and only to be logged out after clicking deposit. Please try the following:

1. Try to access the website using a browser and then try logging in and clicking deposit using or (with and without the www.)
2. Clear your browser cache. Depending on your device or computer or browser, please google "how to clear cache of "[your browser name and device type]" <--- replace with your browser type and device type
3. Try to use a different device.
4. Try to use a different browser.
5. Lastly, try to use a different internet connection.

If this is an intermittent issue, kindly access the website using the connection that successfully enabled you to browse your account prior to encountering such access issues.
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