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Japanese Telegram Group Chat - Official posted on Nov-19-2018 04:12:34 AM

We now have an official Japanese Telegram Group Chat which you can join at The group is managed by Mr. John Kirkland and a Japanese investor. For all of our Japanese investors and interested parties, feel free to participate and join the group.

私達は日本公式のテレグラムグループチャットを開始しました。このグループは John Kirkland 氏と日本の投資家、Ten Nonki 氏によって管理されています。日本の投資家の皆様、興味をお持ちの方々はこちらより自由に参加いただけます。

Question of the day posted on Nov-17-2018 01:30:40 AM

For everyone who are depositing the minimum amounts for each plan, please increase your transfers with about $0.25 worth of cryptocurrency you are depositing.

If your transfer has fluctuated in value upon the 3rd confirmation and has been valued less than the minimum for the plan, the amount will be credited to your account balance.

We do however, manually transfer balances credited with less than minimum amount for the plan, to your active deposits every several hours, if you think we missed yours, please contact support.

Question of the Day: If I transferred less or more than the amount I was instructed in the deposit confirmation page, will my deposit be confirmed?

YES. Our system for deposit confirmation is only displaying you the amount you should transfer as a guideline and does not require you to send the exact value and amount as instructed. The actual value that will be added to your active deposits list will be the real-time USD value of the cryptocurrency you transferred.

Testimonials & Reviews posted on Nov-14-2018 11:21:00 AM

We need at least 10 testimonials from our investors. Please submit your testimonials to and place "TESTIMONIAL" on the subject line. We need our investors to send in their impressions and opinion about our company. We will choose 10 which will be displayed on the home page after the Reviews feature gets launched publicly.

Once this feature has been launched, everyone can submit reviews and we will check and review and then approve if it passes our quality standards. This way, every investor can express how and what they feel about out platform and the work we do.

Wish you all a great day.

Kirkland & Felt French Version is now Live posted on Nov-11-2018 05:27:55 PM

We have just finished installing the French translation for our website .

This should enable our French investors and members to browse and use our website with ease. Just select the French from the language selection box on the header portion of our website.

Or click this directly

We now have English, Arabic and French website translated versions. We will be adding more versions in different languages every several days.

I wish everyone a happy week-ender and welcome to all new members and investors of Kirkland & Felt.

Kirkland & Felt Arabic Version is now Live posted on Nov-8-2018 05:04:56 PM

To check our Arabic website please click . This should enable our Arabic investors to understand the page much better.

Different Language Versions Coming Soon posted on Nov-8-2018 05:03:44 AM

We are working on getting multi lingual support for all our investors. We will be preparing different language versions of the website for all major languages. We will be adding them one by one. Expect at least one language added per week. Have a nice day ahead.

Comprehensive FAQ posted on Nov-2-2018 10:50:56 PM

Please be reminded that we have a comprehensive FAQ at our disposal for your questions that need immediate answers. the most popular questions have been answered in the FAQ, just click the FAQ button our navigation bar and check it out. Please spend a few minutes in reading that page. It should have answers to your possible questions in mind right now.

Have a great day and please watch the video on the home page.

New! Security Features Added posted on Oct-28-2018 08:05:38 PM

Good day to everyone. We want to inform you of the small changes that play significant role when it comes to security at Kirkland & Felt. To star off, we have enabled a feature that should protect your account from Brute Force login.

So what is a Brute Force login?
- A brute force login is when someone (not necessarily a hacker) tries to login into your account by attempting to guess your password.

How do we protect your accounts from Brute Force login?
- We have enabled a security feature by default on all accounts, both current and new, that temporarily locks the account from being logged in. After 5 consecutive failed attempts, the account being forced open gets locked.

How can I unlock my account after this lock out?
- As soon as the 5th failed attempt is made, an e-mail with an activation link gets dispatched to the e-mail address registered on the account being brute forced. Click the reactivation link in the dispatched e-mail, and then your failed login limit of 5 attempts get reset to 0.

Furthermore, we want to inform you that the system will now remind you and stop you from withdrawing your balance to any processor, when and if you have a blank payout information for the payment processor or crypto currency wallet on your profile.

We have an upcoming marketing material that you can use to promote your referral links. So watch out for that in a few days.

Brute Force Login Enabled posted on Oct-28-2018 05:39:05 AM

We have enabled Brute Force Login. This will disable login after 5 consecutive invalid login attempts from a user. To login after this, you will then need to click an e-mail link that is sent to you after attempting 5 incorrect logins.

This will also warn you if someone is trying to access your account without your knowledge. If you need assistance, please contact support for help.

Blockchain Delays posted on Oct-25-2018 07:14:33 PM

Today we experienced a heavy delay in processing Bitcoin withdrawals due to Blockchain overload in pending transactions. The confirmations of blockchain has been so slow the past hours that we just finished processing all of the withdrawals at this moment. Please ensure that you have filled up your Bitcoin wallet information on your PROFILE page when waiting for your withdrawal request.

Bitcoin Withdrawal Checker posted on Oct-24-2018 11:06:52 AM

We have installed a module that will enable you to access your Bitcoin wallet information via . If you have filled up your Bitcoin wallet information, you should see a new link above the Splash page links on your account dashboard. This is a one click checker to see whether you have received the withdrawals to your Bitcoin or not yet.

Since we process Bitcoin withdrawals manually, one by one, our system cannot pickup the transaction hash when sending a notification that your withdrawal has been processed. You can directly access your wallet balances through Blockchain, so this link will be very useful for everyone who uses Bitcoin.

This is most useful to those who use a web or app based wallet, because these wallets do not immediately reflect transfers until a certain number of confirmations is met. Confirmation requirements vary from wallet to wallet, so this link on your dashboard should enable you to immediately confirm your receipt of funds.

Plan of the Day posted on Oct-20-2018 05:32:39 PM

Want to have earnings tomorrow (Sunday) ? Then head over to your account and make a deposit to the:

MINING PLAN - 1.25% Daily for 20 Calendar Days

Earn even on weekends with the Mining Plan. The principal is returned to you upon completion of the term. If you have existing Max Trade Plan deposits or High Trade Plan deposits, you can still make a deposit to the Mining Plan at any time.

With the Mining Plan in your active deposits list, you will be able to earn all throughout the 7 days of the week.

Additionally, we would like to invite everyone to check your Network link in your Account Menu links. Visible and available only when you are logged into your account. If you are currently logged into your account now, please click the link to view your referrals network.

By the way, please make sure that you have filled out all of your available payment information on your Profile. Login to your account and click Profile to add your payout information. There are currently 2 users with blank or empty payout information and we have sent them an e-mail and a notice in our private messaging section already.

Wish you all a great weekend.

Telegram Group Chat:
Facebook Page:
WhatsApp Group Chat:
Twitter Link:
Facebook Group:
Monitors Page:

Referral Network Chart Tree posted on Oct-19-2018 04:55:52 PM

We present to you a new feature that only Kirkland & Felt has, the Referral network Chart Tree. To view this page, please login to your account and find the Network button in the members dashboard navigation menu. We hope that this feature will give you a full informative display of your referral network. This should enable you to assess how effective your marketing is and will also show detailed information of all the people under you.

Upon opening this page, you will see the summary information, like total deposited under your 3 Levels Referral Network. Also will display your total referrals for 3 levels and the active investors from the total.

The referral icons are clickable. There are two types of referral icons, the green ones indicate that the user has made an investment while the red ones don't have deposits yet. You may click the icons for more information for each individual referral you have under your network chart.

Enjoy and we hope that you find this unique feature, very helpful.

Kirkland & Felt APP V1.00 Available posted on Oct-13-2018 06:04:48 PM

Kirkland & Felt APP V1.0 is now available at Google Play. Click this link to download or search for "kirklandfelt" on Google Play from your mobile phone.

Splash Landing Page Launched posted on Oct-10-2018 07:06:01 PM

You can start using your splash landing page links in referring investors. You may still use your old referral link without any problems. You can preview the splash landing page here

Banned IP Addresses posted on Oct-10-2018 10:20:43 AM

We are presenting to you the current list of IP address banned from accessing Kirkland & Felt in perpetuity. The reason being, these IP address have been traced and found to be attempting to login to accounts of our investors. They have never been successful and will never be. Our security features are a 100% way to secure your account.

If you have tried to get your profile edited with the help of our customer support representatives, you would know that the process is very strict and requires you to answer several questions relating to your account. Aside from this, we also check information on our side to make sure that the person requesting for a profile edit is the legitimate owner of the account.

Some of these IP addresses tried to get in touch with our customer support representatives posing as the owners of the accounts on our database but they shall never succeed.

Mobile App Incoming posted on Oct-9-2018 05:21:26 AM

The mobile app for Kirkland & Felt has been submitted on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. We are waiting for approval from these app stores so we can then send you the link to it once it is made available for download already.

This will be a great tool for everyone's convenience.

Advanced Information For Investors posted on Oct-7-2018 06:03:32 PM

Again, we have received hundreds of inquiries from new investors asking whether they could invest again in the same plan they have already invested or to other plans.

We would like to explain this clearly that each deposit or investment made has its own maturity date and therefore, YES, you may add more investments to your current plan or to other plans at any time you wish.

Each transaction will be treated individually and will not affect your current investments in any plan you are currently actively invested in.

May this information be shared by our investors so their friends will know about this. Wish you all a great day ahead.

2 New Plans, New Affiliate Program, Responsive Website posted on Oct-3-2018 03:54:30 PM

The mobile responsive theme for Kirkland & Felt has been installed. This will enable mobile users to have a better experience with our website. Coming soon will be our iOS and Android mobile app.

Come check out the 2 new plans over at our website In addition to our Max Trade Plan which pays 7% daily for 20 business days. We have these new plans:

* High Trade Plan which pays 155% after 28 Calendar Days (Principal Included with returns)
* Mining Plan which pays 1.25% daily for 20 Calendar Days (Principal Returned upon maturity)

All depositors in the previous Short Trade and Regular Mining plans, will continue to earn until their plans reach maturity.

Also take advantage of our newly designed affiliate program which pays up to 3 Levels deep.

1st Level Referrals - 7%
2nd Level Referrals - 2%
3rd Level Referrals - 1%

Thank you for being part of Kirkland & Felt.

Responsive Site Status posted on Oct-2-2018 05:23:26 AM

We are at 95% completion for our responsive website theme. Please be reminded that we will be launching a mobile app after the complete installation of the responsive theme. New features, updated plans, updated affiliate program will be launched together with the responsive theme. We will also have new banners to reflect the updated plans and affiliate program. Start growing your network today.

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