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Kirkland & Felt News Bulletin

In order to get informed, please check this page regularly. This is where we will post updates about our company operations and everything about our Kirklandfelt.com.

Upcoming Splash Landing Page posted on Sep-18-2018 03:22:05 PM

We are in the process of getting a referral landing page, that will include information and highlight details about our company and the program. We will be launching a new referral landing page as soon as the design is completed. Referring downlines to Kirkland & Felt is no longer just a link that directs to our homepage, but it will be more like a billboard advertisement.

This will be very helpful to our affiliates who are marketing our company. Boring days are over.

Newsletter Sent posted on Sep-14-2018 06:28:16 PM

More Monitors posted on Sep-10-2018 08:57:43 PM

We felt like adding more monitors and we are doing so. Please check our monitors page to see more monitors and perhaps leave your feedback about Kirklandfelt.com . Vote / Rate for us on the monitors to gain more exposure.

MAX TRADE PLAN update posted on Sep-10-2018 10:57:05 AM

It seems like our MAX TRADE PLAN is getting a good chunk of attention from investors and interested investors alike. We are happy to see new members signing up everyday. We are planning on making our referral program into a 3 level deep structure. This means that you can start building up your network now and reap the rewards later.

Start referring your friends and colleagues to Kirklandfelt.com and start making a good amount of commissions. Remember that you don't need to make a deposit in order to qualify as an affiliate. You will earn 7% commissions as of now, no matter what your account status is.

Referral Link on Facebook posted on Sep-5-2018 06:20:50 AM

Good news! We were able to get our domain name unblocked and all posts with our domain name kirklandfelt.com and kirklandfelt.net on Facebook have been restored. This is amazing news because you can now start promoting your referral link by using either the kirklandfelt.net or the kirklandfelt.com URLs.

Thank you Facebook for this great work. Although it took awhile, we are grateful that you really did check this matter when we reported it.

Referral Link Update posted on Sep-3-2018 12:52:58 PM

You may now use the domain https://www.kirklandfelt.net for your referral links. This is the link you can use for social media postings to bypass the URL block implemented by the Facebook bots.

You can get your referral link by logging into your account and grabbing your referral link from that page.

MAX TRADE PLAN Launched posted on Sep-1-2018 07:36:01 AM

We have just launched a new plan, the MAX TRADE PLAN which pays 7.00% For 20 Business days. This pays only from Mondays through Fridays. Check the plans list below for more information and get your deposits into this. The minimum amount is $25.00.

This replaces the LONG TRADE PLAN which should still credit all current investors within that plan.

Telegram Official Group posted on Aug-31-2018 04:58:33 PM

We have started an official telegram group for Kirkland & Felt.

Go here and join the group:


Facebook Link Problem posted on Aug-30-2018 01:00:30 PM

       We would like to inform everyone to use URL cloaking in sharing your referral links on Facebook. Unfortunately, out of the blue, Facebook has blocked the posting of kirklandfelt.com domain name due to unknown reasons. We are in touch with Facebook about this matter and hoping that the issue will be resolved soon enough.

       We are appalled by this action from Facebook when we are not even aware why they would do such action. We have gotten in touch with Facebook to unblock the domain as soon as possible.

       For now, please copy and paste your referral link here http://bit.ly and then grab the unique link given by the bit.ly website for your cloaked referral link.

Payeer Accepted posted on Aug-29-2018 10:36:12 PM

We have great news to the users of Payeer. We have started to accept Payeer today. You can now deposit Payeer in order to fund your investments. There is no fee for this operation. We are expanding our accepted payment methods regularly so keep yourself updated by always reading the news section.

Revamped Affiliate Program posted on Aug-29-2018 07:54:14 AM

Good news to our avid supporters and industrious marketers! Kirkland & Felt is revamping the affiliate program on our website. We will be rewarding 7% referral commission for direct referrals starting from posting of this news. This is our new permanent referral commission rate. So please start promoting your referral link to gain maximum potential commission.

Live Chat Support posted on Aug-23-2018 12:42:53 PM

Good news to everyone. We have added a live chat function for our customers so they can reach our customer service and engage in a real-time live chat with our support staff. This will make getting answers to your questions much faster.

Have a great day everyone.

Monitoring? posted on Aug-17-2018 07:09:21 PM

We didn't realize that there are monitoring companies around that monitor activities and statuses of companies similar to ours. Although Kirkland & Felt differs by a great margin from the typical online investment website, we decided to go ahead and get listed from some reputable and popular monitors.

We will not be adding the ratings banners as of now and we will be having a meeting about it. We are going ahead and listing with some of them for more exposure according to our marketing team.

Thank you for checking the news today.

Ethereum Deposits Information posted on Aug-14-2018 06:12:08 AM

Good day to everyone. We would like to inform everyone to use an ERC20 wallet when depositing Ethereum. Transfers from smart contracts are not supported by our instant deposit system. We will need to manually add these deposits if they come from a smart contract address.

You may go to MyEthereWallet to create an ERC20 wallet quickly and easily. You can then transfer your ETH from your other non-ERC20 wallets to the newly created ERC20 wallet and then make that deposit from the ERC20 wallet.

This should not take longer than 5 minutes to do, inclusive of the confirmation time of the transfer from your non-ERC20 to the ERC20 wallet to the deposit address on our website. Thank you and have a great day!

Social Media Accounts posted on Aug-12-2018 05:49:49 PM

We have added our Social Media account links on our website pages. You can start liking our Facebook page and also following us on twitter. We will assign a staff to handle our social media accounts and we may select some investors who are also active social media people to work as moderators on our page. Please bear with us as we are new when it comes to social media.

We are now ready to accommodate a bigger investor base. Please check our social media accounts so you can be updated in real-time as we will post news an updates there as well.

Thank you very much and are growing even faster by now.

Ethereum and Bitcoin posted on Jul-15-2018 03:47:13 PM

The price of Ethereum has not been very ideal as of the moment for newcomers but since we have mined and traded thousands of Ethers already for over a year, we are greatly satisfied with the movement of the said coin. It is way better than last year's price by all angles and since we're one of the early birds with Ethereum mining, we are miles and miles in terms of advantages compared to newcomers.

This translates to guaranteed profits for our investors in the mining plan even during this shaky Ethereum market.

Going into Bitcoin, the price is not of tremendous movement but it does move by several hundred dollars every week or so, and this is another great sign for us, as traders. Kirkland and Felt sees that Bitcoin may rise back to over $10,000 by November of this year and we shall see how it goes.

Wish you all a very good day.

Referral Promotions For June 2018 posted on Jun-27-2018 05:43:38 PM

Another promotion takes place today and shall run for 14 days. A 3% additional commission will be added to all new deposits made by your downlines or referrals. This commission will be added manually in order to be reflected to your balance. We will be adding the commissions on a daily basis at around 22:00HRs London Time.

We are also going to start our social media accounts soon, and we will send a newsletter once everything has been set up. We will be announcing the links so you can follow us on Facebook on Twitter as soon as we're ready.

It's about time we cover the social media arena for our marketing campaign. Through this marketing, we are positive that we could not only triple of investor base but also the exposure it will bring to Kirkland and Felt will be of great value.

Pleasant day to everyone.

Price Analysis of Some Coins posted on Jun-6-2018 11:39:36 PM

A rather informational link is available below. Click the image below:

Security Updates for May 2018 posted on May-21-2018 07:35:17 PM

It has been a while since we posted a news update mainly because we have been updating everyone via e-mail. But we plan on posting news updates here more regularly now to ensure that even non-members will be able to read our updates.

Again and again we would like to inform and oblige everyone to replace your passwords regularly for your account security. Compromised accounts are pretty much at risk. We are not talking about compromised Kirkland and Felt accounts but your e-mail accounts as well.

Since your accounts with us are linked and identified via a registered e-mail address, please ensure that the e-mail address is also safe. Never access your e-mail account or your Kirkland and Felt account via public computers.

If you have account issues please contact us immediately so we can help you.

April Fools Day posted on Apr-1-2018 12:10:58 PM

Mr. Kirkland just entered the office today and he appeared to be very quiet and was looking very sad and called a meeting. We were at the conference and he dropped a folder on the table with little facial expression. Apparently he told the team that we had to close the company up and it was time to move on with other things and that we are refunding every single investor we have with their principal. A colleague of mine, Julia, was appalled and she was all teary eyed and what not.

Everyone was quiet, the room was blasting with silence and questions of Why? How? were all in our minds. And Mr. Kirkland passed the folder to Howard who was seated next to Mr. Kirkland and as soon as flipped the cover, he stood up and all tears became tears of laughter.

Hey, it was April Fool's day and we forgot all about it. The perks of working with fun people are just to the infinity.

Enjoy your day guys!

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